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Jan 4, 2022

You know Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari from TV’s Ghost Hunters. They’ve teamed up on a new project together. We talk about that, some of their favorite investigations and their efforts to create a classification system for paranormal activity.

You can find their new book on the subject at Amazon: Elements of a Haunting: Connecting History with Science to Uncover the Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told

Thanks Brandon and Mustafa!


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Jim Harold  

Today we have two paranormal VIPs, Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari from Ghost Hunters. And they’re going to talk about Elements of a Haunting on the Paranormal Podcast.

Paranormal Podcast Announcer  

This is the Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold.

Jim Harold  

Welcome to the Paranormal Podcast. I am Jim Harold and so glad to be with you and happy new year everybody, back after a little holiday break and excited to get to it. Today we have two great guests from TV’s ghost hunters, Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari and we will get right to them in just a moment. First of all, a big shout out to our friends over at Paranormality Magazine. They decided to make me the, the cover boy for their magazine this month. You’ll see a smiling picture of me on their magazine this month for January featuring Jim Harold’s Campfire. So we thank them and folks, if you want to check it out, you can go to And quite an honor. So thank you all for that opportunity. Also, if you’re new here, welcome aboard. What we do is we interview some of the greatest minds in the study of the paranormal and the supernatural, hauntings, ghosts, all of it. So I hope that you will subscribe or follow wherever you listen and please rate and review. I know over the last few weeks, Spotify has rolled out rating so please rate us over on Spotify. Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts and make sure that you are following us on both of those platforms or any other podcast platforms you’re on because it helps you because you never miss a great show like this one we’re gonna have today. And it helps us because it elevates the profile of the show and more people discover it and it’s just a virtuous circle. So thank you so much. So we’re gonna get to it. Now we’ve got two great guests, we’re going to talk about their new book and their opportunity or their attempt to connect history with science to uncover the greatest ghost stories ever told. And the book is called elements of a haunting connecting history with science to uncover the greatest ghost stories ever told. And our guests today are Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari and we’re so glad to have them with us. Now those names are very familiar if you follow paranormal TV Brandon Alvis is the star of the A&E program Ghost Hunters, he has used his scientifically oriented techniques to investigate more than 200 public and private locations with his team, the American Paranormal Research Association, and Mustafa Gatollari is also a star of the A&E program Ghost Hunters, serving as historian and site analyst for the team. He has investigated more than 80 locations, from abandoned factories to mass grave sites. We’re so glad to have both of them with us to talk about Elements of a Haunting. Gentlemen, thank you for joining us today.

Brandon Alvis  

Thanks for having us on, Jim. This is awesome. 

Mustafa Gatollari  

Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure.