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Jim Harold interviews authors and experts on all things paranormal. This page includes both free (most recent 90 days) and archived (PLUS ONLY) content going back to 2005! For Jim's other PLUS shows, go to

Apr 26, 2009

What happens after we die?  Our guests tonight, Michael Habernig and April Hannah, have been on a mission to find out while producing  their new documentary The Path: Afterlife.

In their movie, Michael and April interview 12 paranormal experts who provide their own experiences and theories as to what lies beyond.


Apr 19, 2009

Numerologist Alison Baughman teaches about the art and, she would say, the science of numerology.

She talks about how numbers impact every facet of our lives and we discuss the chart of a certain podcast host.

You can learn more about Alison at her website

Also, she has her 

Apr 13, 2009

Author Donald Tyson tells us about the ancient art of divination called Scrying. A fascinating and “off the beaten path” interview, I found it very interesting.

You can check out Donald’s book on the subject at

Scrying For Beginners (Llewellyn’s Beginners Series)

Alsofor more information you can...

Apr 6, 2009

Nick Pope ran the British Government’s UFO program at the Ministry of Defense.  He started out as a skeptic but he ended up in a very different place.  We discuss his work in his governmental role and his current research on UFOs.

Here are links to a couple of Nick’s books:

An American Demonology: Flying Saucers...

Apr 4, 2009

We visit with Stephanie South the biographer of Jose Arguelles. Mr. Arguelles is the man who first introduced the notion of 2012 and its implication into mass culture.  Stephanie talks about Jose, the year 2012 and its implications for us all.

You can check out Stephanie’s book at

2012: Biography of a...