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Jim Harold interviews authors and experts on all things paranormal. This page includes both free (most recent 90 days) and archived (PLUS ONLY) content going back to 2005! For Jim's other PLUS shows, go to

Aug 30, 2022

You are psychic! That's what our guest psychic/medium Char Margolis says. Char has decades of experience and shares how we can put our innate abilities to work in our lives.

You can find her new book on Amazon: You Are Psychic: 7 Steps to Discover Your Own Psychic Abilities

In part two, we talk Bigfoot and cryptids with...

Aug 23, 2022

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is touted as one of America's most haunted locations. We talk with Vince Kelien and AJ Ramper about their experiences as tour guides at the haunted location and the spooky history of Waverly Hills.

Find out more information or to book a tour at Waverly go to 


Aug 16, 2022

Dave Schrader joins us to talk about his latest TV show, Ghosts of Devil's Perch debuting on August 21st.

You can find it then on Travel Channel and Discovery+

Thanks Dave!


We’re so happy to partner with Calm. Calm is the app designed to help you ease stress and get the best sleep of your life.

Calm is...

Aug 9, 2022

Do we live in a real life version of Groundhog Day? That’s the gist of what Anthony Peake theorizes and he is very convincing. We talk to him about this unique theory on this week’s all-new edition of The Paranormal Podcast.

You can find Anthony’s book we discuss on Amazon: Cheating the Ferryman: The...

Aug 2, 2022

What are ghosts? What things do we believe about the paranormal that are flat out wrong. Do we have scientific proof for the paranormal?

Professor Paranormal himself, Loyd Auerbach, answers these questions and more! 

You can find Loyd on Twitter and Facebook 

You can find his books on Amazon: Loyd Auerbach's books