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Jim Harold interviews authors and experts on all things paranormal. This page includes both free (most recent 90 days) and archived (PLUS ONLY) content going back to 2005! For Jim's other PLUS shows, go to

Mar 29, 2011

The notion of the Multiverse is no longer science fiction but increasing it looks like science fact.  Dr. Steven Manly is one of America’s most renown physics teachers.  We have fascinating, wide ranging discussion with him on what the multiverse is and what its existence might mean.   In 2003, he was named the NY...

Mar 20, 2011

We talk to Dr. Brooks Agnew about his efforts to mount an expedition to determine if the earth might be hollow!  We also talk about much of his other fascinating work, including his take on the law of attraction, on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast.

You can check out his websites at:

Mar 8, 2011

Emily Carlin is a witch and she provides us with advice on how to protect themselves from the entities that would do us harm in her new book:

Defense Against the Dark: A Field Guide to Protecting Yourself from Predatory Spirits, Energy Vampires and Malevolent Magic

You can check out her website at


Mar 1, 2011

William Von Holst believes that we are in a great era of change for the planet Earth.  We can embrace it or it can send us off of the deep end.  The choice is ours.  We discuss his mentor’s (Imre Vallyon) book on the subject.  You can find it at

Planetary Transformation: A Personal Guide To Embracing...