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Jim Harold interviews authors and experts on all things paranormal. This page includes both free (most recent 90 days) and archived (PLUS ONLY) content going back to 2005! For Jim's other PLUS shows, go to

Jan 21, 2007

This program is with the delightful author Marie D. Jones. We discuss her new book Psience: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics And New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena

Thanks Marie!


Jan 20, 2007

This episode is a chat with paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren.  We talk about his new book Pet Ghosts: Animal Encounters from Beyond the Grave

 Thanks Joshua!


Jan 19, 2007

This newly released episode, recorded in Spring 2006, focuses on Dr. Rosemarie Pilkington's recent book The Spirit of Dr. Bindelof -- a book that focuses on a fascinating case of a group of 1930s teenagers who contacted a mysterious physician via seances.  Visit Dr. Pilkington's site at

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Jan 17, 2007

On this program recorded in November 2005, best-selling author Mary Roach talks about her latest book Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife.

You can also get more information on Mary's books at and at

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Jan 16, 2007

On this week's show, author Dr. Joe Slate talks about exploring your past lives.

Check out his book on the subject -- Beyond Reincarnation at

Beyond Reincarnation: Experience Your Past Lives & Lives Between Lives

Thanks Dr. Slate!