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Jim Harold interviews authors and experts on all things paranormal. This page includes both free (most recent 90 days) and archived (PLUS ONLY) content going back to 2005! For Jim's other PLUS shows, go to

Mar 26, 2024

Is Bigfoot a type of forest poltergeist? That's the idea that we discuss on this week's edition of The Paranormal Podcast with author W.T. Watson!

You can find his book on the subject at Amazon, The Forest Poltergeist: Class B Encounters and the Paranormal, here:

Thanks WT!



Mar 12, 2024

It is time to take UFO experiencers seriously and Micah Hanks is doing something about it. 

My former Paranormal Report co-host, author, podcaster and writer has launched the UAP Sightings Reporting System to intake first hand accounts of UAP/UFO sightings.

We talk about the importance of respecting...

Mar 5, 2024

We talk with investigator Greg Lawson all about Mothman, premonitions and paranormal experiences. You can find Greg's recent book, Messages from Mothman, at Amazon:


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